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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flixya (Social networking site that pays)

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Flixya is a social networking community that pays members 100% ad revenue. It has all the features of a popular social networking site and offers a powerful method to publish and monetize online content and generate revenue. offers a member focused platform where people can share videos, photos and blogs. The members keep all ad revenue generated from each piece of content they are contributing.If you have an account in Google adsense, you can start with Flixya right now. If you do not have a Google publisher id – you can sign up for one during registration or enter your existing Google publisher id. It takes only seconds to register. The next step is to keep an eye on your email and confirm both the email from Flixya and an additional email you'll receive from Google.

Once you are accepted into the Adsense program, you are on your way to earning money just by sharing videos, photos and blogs!
Flixya will help you to drive traffic and enable to earn residual income from each piece of content that you contribute.

You will be paid by Google as you are reguired to sign up for a google adsense account to generate revenue from it. Greatest things about Flixya is you will get a highly modified platform to generate adsense revenue. Adsense payment is made in a montly basis. Learn more about Adsense.


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