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Monday, April 4, 2011 (Be a guide)

Website Link: part of the New York times company) is one of the most popular web services that provide very incentive guidance on almost everything. has 2 million pieces of original content. This has been possible because there is hundreds of Guides working behind this. You can be a guide too for All Guides are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to log on from anywhere in the world and work at a time that is best for them. With no timesheets to fill out and no timecards to punch, working for gives you the flexibility to write when you want and determine for yourself how successful you want to be. As a Guide you'll build and maintain a GuideSite. They will train you, there is a 17 days long Prep. Period (training) for the new guides.


The basis of Guide compensation is year-over-year page view growth. As of 1/1/07, if your page views grow you will never make less than $725 per month and it's likely you'll make much more than that over time .There is no payment for work done in Prep. Graduates of Prep receive a bonus payment of $250 after they go live on the service.


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