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Monday, April 4, 2011

HubPages (Write on HubPages and Earn)

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Hubpages would be a good choice by any freelancer. Hubs are just like web pages. Each one contains an article you write that's filled with insight, advice, information - whatever you'd like to say on your favorite topic. That means you can make one Hub with an article Hubpages Produces all kind of contents with easy-to-use tools. The non-techie tools allow you to easily load your hub with the content, pictures, link and videos that interests you most. Hubpages has Over 150,000 articles and over 8 million readers, more than 20 million pageviews every month with high credibility in search engines. So you can expect to reach a large online audience interested in your topic(s).>>Thanks to Blogger jobs. They have some helpful resources on freelance writing jobs.


The HubPages Royalty Program provides you with an easy way to take advantage of the Internet's top ad revenue and commission generating tools.
• You can set up affiliate accounts with Google, Kontera, eBay, and Amazon. This simple process is lightning quick and costs you nothing.
• Google and Kontera automatically displays ads in your hub that are relevant to your topic.
• You can decide which products to list in your eBay and Amazon capsules.
HubPages earns its revenue from these ads and split the impressions with the writer. You, the writer, receive 60% of the impressions, while HubPages receives the remaining 40%. Any revenue generated while your ad is displayed is entirely yours. So if a Hub is visited 10 times, 6 of the ad impressions are yours, and 4 are HubPages. You keep all the revenue generated from those 6 ad impressions.


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