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Monday, April 4, 2011

Squidoo Lens (Your Lens, your money)

Website Link:

If you don’t have a lens in Squidoo you should do it right now! Squidoo is a website hosting hundreds of thousands of hand built WebPages (just to be difficult, they call them "lenses"). Each lens is one person's look at something online. Squidoo makes money from ads and affiliate links (On every Lens). They give 5% of what they earn, to charity. Keep 45% to cover overhead and stuff. That leaves 50%. That goes the people who build the lens (You).


How much you will earn is clearly depends on how many lens you have and how popular they are . The Squidoo default Cash Payout Threshold starts at $10. This means that if you don't edit your threshold, you will get paid when your account (across all your lenses) earns $10 or more in cash. Payments are made via paypal.


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