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Friday, May 25, 2012

Blocksi: Block Unwanted Contents

Blocksi is an application which acts like a url filter and blocks unwanted content. It is an extension which can be added on popular web browsers to block inappropriate urls. This extension gives your browser the ability to block certain sites according to given settings. This free add-on can be used as a parental control at home. It can be used to protect your children from porn, sex and drug related improper urls. At office it can be used for category blocking to protect your employees from unwanted content. This extension can also be used in schools and libraries to filter undesirable web content. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Software Options:
  • It is a free add-on which means all you have to do is add it on your web browser as an extension. It will not occupy a large memory space like installed software.
  • This add on is available for both Firefox and chrome web browsers.
  • It has seven main categories and 78 sub categories.
  • This free extension has over 20 billion web pages.
  • Blocksi has 76 million rated websites.


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