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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After The Deadline: Spell, Style & Grammar Checker for Firefox

After The Deadline is a powerful Firefox add-on which helps in checking spelling and grammar while you type anywhere inside the browser window. It comes in quite handy when you look for a tool which could be assisting you to check misused words, spelling, grammar and style using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. You can use it in your Firefox browser to check errors in the content of your writing. You would be well aware of the fact that a good spelling and grammar checker tool is essential for conveying the correct information. With this tool you can check the contents from blogs, web based e-mails, forums etc. It will definitely enhance the quality of the content that you write or want checked, in an easy and convenient manner. Moreover, it will help you ensure that you don’t make any mistake while you type in important emails to people, especially your business associates.


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