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Friday, June 8, 2012

Choriyan/Bangel Set 3

Bangles are very common and popular among the girls and women. Types of Bangle: There are various types of bangles available in the market. Primary distinguishing factor for these is the material that is used to make the bangles. This may vary anything from glass bangles to metal bangles to lac bangles and even rubber or plastic bangles. Traditionally bangles were made of various types of metals like gold, silver, bronze etc.

Bangles made from gold are considered the most expensive ones. Another factor that adds to the price of the bangles is the artifacts or the work done further on the metal. This includes embroidery or small glass pieces or paintings or even small hangings that are attached to the bangles. The rareness of a color and its unique value also increase the value. Bangles made from lac are one of the oldest ones and among the brittle category too. Lac is clay like material which in molded in hot kilns-like places to make these bangles. Among the recent entrants are the rubber bangles that are worn more like a wrist band by youngsters while the plastic bangles ones are there to add the trendy look.


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