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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GrabInbox: Manage Multiple Social Networks Inbox

GrabInbox is a free online application which acts like a single inbox and helps a user to manage multiple social networks easily. Manage social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts and other fan pages. With GrabInbox, you can also have your Facebook and Twitter messages scheduled for free. It is like grabbing every inbox from different social networking sites into a single inbox or a single account.

GrabInbox Options:

  • Manage multiple social networks.
  • Add multiple fan pages, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Easily manage all multiple accounts you have added.
  • Post or share messages, links and other updates in all your social channel accounts at once.
  • Schedule messages into different social networks.
  • Get notified and be updated with every reply and new message without monitoring every social networking site.
  • View updates with tabs that you can freely customize.
  • Share favorite web pages using bookmark-let and plugin.
  • Read notifications and account content with an easy-to-use interface and manageable layout.


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