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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mehndi/Henna Designs Collection

Apply Mehndi or henna is very popular among young girls and ladies. Mehndi is not only apply on hands its also apply on feet, belly and arms, girls wear henna tattoo designs on neck and back.

Mehndi express feelings of happiness. Asian bridal is not complete without henna. Girls apply different heena designs and mehndi patterns. Bridal mehndi designs are quite different and unique. Pakistani mehndi designs covers the palm and Arabic mehndi draw on sides of hand.
Black Henna

Black henna color is a sign of good luck and love if bride gets black henna color her groom loves her a lot. Indian bride groom also apply mehndi art on hands in his wedding but now a days boys apply mehndi design as a fashion.

Designs Of Mehndi

Make a mehndi designs are very easy if u make a good drawing and u have a skill u can apply easily on hands. I m sharing some new designs of mehndi.
















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